RestoreNaija is a growing popular movement led by a partnership of leading civil society organisations and supported by Nigerians across Nigeria and the Diaspora.

Our Mission is to bring Free and Fair digital elections to Nigeria by 2023.

Our strategy is to:


1- Lobby for a change in electoral law 

2- Oversee the development of a trusted digital voting platform that will allow for Free and Fair digital elections in 2023.

3- Build a popular movement in support of RestoreNaija and demand a change in electoral law and Free and Fair digital elections in 2023.

Support RestoreNaija by signing our petition and joining the RestoreNaija Supporters facebook Group, or by following us on Twitter or Instagram, and tell the world about RestoreNaija by sharing 1-2 posts a day from one of our Social Media channels. 

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 RestoreNaija - About Us


RestoreNaija is a growing popular civil movement of Nigerians across all 36 States and the Diaspora, united by a belief that free and fair digital elections is the first step to good governance and good policy for the public good.


Without free and fair elections our votes and voices do not count and politicians are not held accountable for their actions. Free and fair elections is the first and essential step to changing Nigeria forever.

Another Nigeria IS possible!