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Contact your Legislator


Constituents are given top priority by legislators. In all communications with legislators, advocates should identify themselves as a constituent whenever applicable. Legislators want to feel like they have a good handle on what is going on in their district and will be more likely to focus on a legislative issues if they hear about them from their constituents. Citizens can also put pressure on Legislators by sending them letters and emails.  Look-up your local legislator and send make your voices heard!

Share Personal Stories

How was your experience f the 2019 elections? Did you vote? If not why not? If yes how was your experience of voting? Please share your personal stories through:


  • Video (Make short video, 30 secs-1 min) about your experience with the 2019 general elections, 

  • Make up to 100 words.


These will be shared on the website and in social media campaign.