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 Our Success


The Digital Voting Summit was a huge success. Alex Stevens from DFID Nigeria kicked off the event with an opening comment on the importance of free, fair and inclusive elections. The British Department for International Development (DfID) funded the launch of RestoreNaija. Four-panel discussions by leading Nigerian civil society leaders captivated an audience of about 500 people, many of whom wrote to us to thank us for bringing hope back to Nigeria and offered to help, pledging their support for free, fair and inclusive elections in 2023. We met great people and many supporters of RestoreNaija who are working hard to change electoral law as per the demands of leading civil society organizations such as CISLAC, CDD and CITAD. Our event was a huge success because the vision of free and fair digital elections has brought back the belief that another Nigeria is possible.


Digital Voting Summit 2019






Digital Summit Panel Sessions

Panel Session 1 | 1


Panel Session 1 | 2

Panel Session 1 | 3


Panel Session 1 | 4