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RestoreNaija is a movement started by DIGA, an NGO founded in early 2019 by a Nigerian Masters graduate in Urban Economic Development from UCL's Development Planning Unit, Christian Elemele, his former lecturer, Dr. Naji Makarem and Ijeoma Chukwuma, Finance Director.


They believe that a better Nigeria is possible and that digital blockchain voting is the first step to good governance.


Since then they have been attracting people and organisations to join this peaceful civil and popular movement for free and fair digital elections in Nigeria by 2023.


Three leading civil society organisations have since joined the board of DIGA in support of RestoreNaija, and are working in collaboration wIth ORACLE to develop a trusted, tamper-proof value-for-money platform for Nigeria - a platform developed by Nigerians for Nigerians!

Our partner organisations:

Supporting Organisations

While all our work has been voluntary, DFID (the UK Government Department for International Development in Nigeria) and the Development Planning Unit at the Bartlett School at University College London (UCL) have offered us a small grant to fund our Digital Voting Summit on the 18th November 2019.

Since then however DFID has stopped funding us, we believe because they are funding other civil society organisations in the same space, such as PLAC, who feel threatened by our rapid rise into the democracy arena in Nigeria. If we achieve our goal by 2023 the funding of many organisations in this pro-democracy space may dry up, which creates a conflict of interest.


DFID, of course, deny this and claim they don't have £10,000 for our social media and marketing campaign because they have no money due to the merger with the FCO.  It is hard to believe that the UK government doesn't have £10,000 available to change Nigeria once and for all, and to achieve the goals of a program that to date has cost them hundreds of millions of pounds with zero impact!

We have also been trying to contact Pierre Omidyar and James Murdoch but their gatekeepers managing their info@ foundation emails are essential "sleepers" and failing to take our emails seriously and to connect us with the decision-makers.

The EU also rejected our application for a grant they are disbursing to organisations who will support democracy in Africa.  They rated our relevance score 2/5. We almost rolled off our chairs in laughter when we read this. They are useless but we do hope the EU team we are speaking to in Nigeria will be supportive as they sound impressed with the RestoreNaija initiative and are clearly passionate about creating change in Nigeria. Whether they are able to tap into HQ funding for the only initiative that is promising to sort out democracy in Nigeria once and for all is yet to be seen.

But we continue to persevere and will succeed, as we continue to invest our voluntary time and efforts to make this dream a reality!


If your organisations would like to fund this worthy cause for free and fair digital elections in Nigeria by 2023 please get in touch, we and all Nigerians would really appreciate your support!

Nigerians in Nigeria and the Diaspora

We are growing a popular movement in support of free and fair digital elections in Nigeria by 2023. With your support we can change electoral laws and oversee the development of a trusted blockchain voting platform that will insure free, fair, safe and inclusive general elections in 2023. This will be Nigeria's first ever elections where people feel safe to vote from the comfort and security of their own homes (whether in Nigeria or abroad), knowing their votes will be counted. This we believe is the only way to bring about accountability and good governance and to restore confidence in government institutions. Together we can bring about positive change peacefully.


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