A movement for change is rising up in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.


A movement for peace, prosperity and justice in Nigeria.


Nigerians are starting to believe change is possible thanks to a new tamper-proof e-voting platform currently being developed by Oracle using blockchain technology, under the watchful eye of the Restore Naija movement:


Organisers, partners and supporters of RestoreNaija in Nigeria and the Diaspora.


Nigerians are daring to believe again that another Nigeria is possible, and rallying in support of free & fair digital elections. 


But a tamper-proof e-voting platform is not enough.


What is needed is for the government to change electoral law to allow INEC, Nigeria’s electoral commission, to decide which is the most TRUSTED, tamper-proof and value for money e-voting platform on the market.


The Restore Naija movement has been co-developing A tamper-proof blockchain e-voting platform openly and transparently with Oracle since the launch of this movement in Abuja in November 2019.


INEC look like they may be convinced, but we all need a change in electoral law to make all this possible, and to realise our goal of free and fair digital elections in Nigeria in 2023.  


Together we can make our votes count and change Nigeria forever!


Click here to sign the Restore Naija petition for a change in electoral law. 


Together we can change Nigeria. 


The future is now.





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