A movement for change is rising up in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.


A movement for peace, prosperity and justice in Nigeria.


Nigerians are starting to believe change is possible thanks to a new tamper-proof e-voting platform.


Organisers, partners and supporters of RestoreNaija in Nigeria and the Diaspora.


Nigerians are daring to believe again that another Nigeria is possible, and rallying in support of free & fair digital elections. 


But a tamper-proof e-voting platform is not enough.


What is needed is for the government to change electoral law to allow INEC, Nigeria’s electoral commission, to decide which is the most TRUSTED, tamper-proof and value for money e-voting platform on the market.

Together we can make our votes count and change Nigeria forever!


Click here to sign the Restore Naija petition for a change in electoral law. 


Together we can change Nigeria. 


The future is now.





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