There are 200 Million Black people in the Diaspora and 1.2 Bln. in Africa. 

If Black Lives Matter, then African Lives Matter!

People in London are resonating with RestoreNaija's simple message:

African Lives Matter!

Poverty is Injustice!

Corruption is a crime!

Make your voices heard!

Because of poverty over 422 Million people in Africa and 112 Million in Nigeria CAN'T BREATHE!


Poverty is a symptom of poor governance and corruption.

Corruption is a crime!

Good governance can only be restored if politicians are accountable to the people.

But people's votes must count!

In the last elections voter turnout was at an all-time low in Nigeria, at about 34%.

66 Million people, did not bother vote.

They don't believe their votes will be counted.

They don't believe their votes will make a difference.

We at RestoreNaija want to change this status-quo.

It's not sustainable!

It's not just!

We want to use digital blockchain voting to insure FREE & FAIR ELECTIONS IN 2023.

Enough is enough!

The Future is Now!





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